Old Roofs Need Professional Attention

Turn to us for licensed reroofing services in East Helena, MT

Reroofing your home is an extensive job, but it's a necessary one. CB Roofing in East Helena, MT can complete your roofing project. We offer comprehensive licensed reroofing services that include installing chimneys and vents. Plus, we use high-grade materials like Titanium Synthetic Underlayment and other products from Malarkey Roofing Products.

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What to expect during the reroofing process

Every roofing job is a little different, so it's necessary to approach every job with care. With our licensed reroofing services, we:

  • Examine the roof to determine the best way to approach the job
  • Tear off the old roof entirely to give the new roof a better foundation
  • Install a new underlayment and new roofing materials and site cleanup

Our professional reroofing installation services also include a complete replacement of damaged roofs. Email us now for professional reroofing installation services.