What Kind of Roofs Do We Work On?

We offer shingle roof maintenance services and more in East Helena, MT

If you have to find a roofer, you don't want to waste time calling companies that don't service your type of roof. That's why CB Roofing makes it clear what kind of properties we work on in East Helena, MT. We offer shingle and standing seam metal roof maintenance services and have a metal cutting machine that we can bring to your property for any project.

Contact us today for metal or shingle roof maintenance services.

Providing the roofing services you need

Do you need roofing services? We repair and install:

  • Tile roofs
    a popular choice for new construction
  • Metal roofs
    a common, durable option for homes
  • Imitation slate roofs
    a stylish, high-end roofing material

We also install flat roofs for commercial properties. If you have any questions about our metal roof maintenance services or shingle roof maintenance services, reach out to us today.